RH Factor Evolution

Jim Bowery jabowery at netcom.com
Thu Jan 13 14:26:53 EST 1994

RH negative blood type females mating with RH positive blood type males
have, historically, been relatively infertile compared to the reversal.

It is unlikely that these two populations coevolved since, for them
to have done so would have meant a gradual displacement of populations
that are RH positive.

As I understand it, there are primates that are RH positive, so this 
protein/gene had to be around prior to human evolution (unless it is
 a convergent adaptation which seems unlikely).

Does anyone have any idea where the RH negative genotype arose, and when?

What human populations possessed RH negative genes originally?  RH positive?

The promotion of politics exterminates apolitical genes in the population.
  The promotion of frontiers gives apolitical genes a route to survival.

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