DNA heterozygosity

Dirk Balfanz balfanz at zorro.informatik.hu-berlin.de
Thu Jan 13 10:50:14 EST 1994


I'm posting this for a friend of mine, so if you reply please use
his email address:
	oc at imperial.ac.uk (Oliver Coutelle)
Hi everybody,

has anybody out there got any figures from any recent publications, or 
even old (if reliable) that show heterozygozity of the human genome for
1) protein coding sequences (exons)
2) intervening sequences (introns)
3) noncoding regions

There are a number of old papers around that analysed RFLPs in the human
genome, particulary of the globin locus (Jeffreys et.al) but the estimated
heterozygosity is very variable between these reports ranging from
1/100 bp to 1/300 bp for noncoding sequences, and from 1/100 to 
1/4000 for coding sequences.

What I want to know is just a relatively reliable statistical estimate for
the three categories mentioned... 

thanks for any reply, comment etc.

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