DNA heterozygosity

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>>has anybody out there got any figures from any recent publications, or 
>>even old (if reliable) that show heterozygozity of the human genome for
>>1) protein coding sequences (exons)
>>2) intervening sequences (introns)
>>3) noncoding regions
> Li, W-H. and L.A. Sadler. 1991.  Low nucleotide diversity in man. Genetics
> 129: 513-523.
> The authors of this paper looked through the databanks for genes that had
> been sequenced more than once, and came up with estimates of nucleotide
> diversity for exons, introns, etc.  One of the take-home messages was that
> nucleotide diversity in humans was very poorly known.  I don't know if
> there are more recent papers on the subject.
> John H. McDonald
> Department of Biology
> University of Delaware

I believe that the Li and Sadler paper is probably documenting sequencing 
errors rather than heterozygosity.

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