supercomputer access

Jack Kramer kramer at oj.rsmas.miami.edu
Tue Jan 18 09:53:50 EST 1994

I haven't seen any recent solitations for free access to any of the
national supercomputer centers lately, so:

Does anyone know of any free access available at any supercomputer
center where PHYLIP is or could be used?  I have large data sets of
of 300+ characters for 6000+ species for the discrete character
programs.  MIX takes several weeks to complete on a DEC5000/Sun 4 class
machine and usurps memory and processor resources while running.  These
jobs are rapidly wearing out their welcome on all the hosts I have
access to currently.

I would also be interested in hearing others approaches to processing
LARGE collections of RAPDs data.

Jack Kramer
University of Florida
Tropical Research and Education Center
Homestead, FL

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