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Wed Jan 19 19:38:46 EST 1994

Jack Kramer (kramer at oj.rsmas.miami.edu) wrote:
: I haven't seen any recent solitations for free access to any of the
: national supercomputer centers lately, so:

: Does anyone know of any free access available at any supercomputer
: center where PHYLIP is or could be used?  I have large data sets of

I currently have access to the supercomputer facilities in Pittsburgh. 
Basically all I do is use the programs for sequence analysis. But I do 
think that they allow people to do other research activities and they 
have a large cluster of software packages. I don't know specifically 
about PHYLIP though.

I have an account there and I got it by writing a very basic proposal. 
The proposals are written more for the required red tape because 
NSF provides funding for the facilities. So you fill out a proposal and 
request for a specific amount of supercomputer use time, no money required.

The only address I have is:
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Mellon Institute Buidling
4400 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

If you need more information just ask

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