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Alu sequences and human evolution

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Thu Jul 21 04:24:03 EST 1994

Subj:	Re: Alu sequences and human evolution
Date:	94-07-20 04:44:47 EDT
From:	davidf at camms1.caos.kun.nl

Dear Dr. Carr;

You *MIGHT* like to read an article by Gabby Dover (early 80's, Nature,
must include "molecular drive"), in which the role of DNA turnover
processes in
the cellular metabolism are outlined as possible "homogenisation of
agencies for multi-gene families, such as the ALU family. This would
account for
the "distinctively human subfamily" of ALU sequences you mention having
reported in Medline.

Prof Dover's group (I used to be a part of it) is working now in Leicester
on the rDNA family of genes, studying these phenomena. I'm sure if you
Prof. Dover, he would likely reply. Be warned that he is a bit of a
band" with this theory, and may go slightly overboard in both the tone of
response (he's a great guy, but not renowned for his politeness) and what
purports this mechanism of evolution might explain. In other words, don't
much in the way of kindly indulgence for your comets. Having said this,
you'll get a reply from an extremely learned and experienced fellow, and
of information is what all this language stuff is about!

 Prof. G. A. Dover,
 Department of Genetics,
 Adrian Building,
 University of Leicester,
 Leicester, ENGLAND
 LE1 7RH

Best wishes,

David Featherston

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