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Seeking a reference to C Darwin's definitive work

Charles J. O'Kelly okellyc at megasun.BCH.UMontreal.CA
Wed Jul 27 07:49:17 EST 1994

In article <1994Jul26.141037.14187 at galileo.cc.rochester.edu>, madda at troi.cc.rochester.edu (Warren Lathe) writes:
|> In <dld.775218200 at bruce.cs.monash.edu.au> dld at cs.monash.edu.au (David L Dowe) writes:
|> >   I understand that Darwin postulates his theory of the "survival of the
|> >fittest" in (please correct me if I'm wrong) 'The origin of (the) species'.
|> >I would appreciate references to places where Darwin cites this theory,
|> >including a complete reference to 'The origin of (the) species'.
|> "On the Origin of Species" is definately Darwin's definitive work outlining
|> his theory of Natural Selection.  Here is a complete reference:
|> Darwin, C., On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. London: 
|>      Murray, 1859.

this citation is to the first edition of Darwin's classic.  however, all but science
historians usually refer to the sixth (and last) edition, published (I think, my copy's
at home) 1872, and this is the edition to get.  that's in case you get to your local
library, call up the screen (or in fossil territory, pull out the cards) and get blown
away by the huge.long.list that shows up.

I -do- hope the original poster intends to -read-, not just -cite- these things.  and the
challenge of reading Darwin's quintessentially Victorian wordiness (he was paid by the
word, after all) is not to be underestimated.

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