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Fogel fogel at sunshine.ucsd.edu
Mon Jun 6 14:20:11 EST 1994

Dear Colleagues:

The journal BioSystems has recently undergone a reorganization (Vol. 32).
The new Aims and Scopes together with the new editors and editorial board
appear below.  Instructions for authors in preparing their manuscripts
appear on the inside back cover of every issue.  We welcome your
submissions.  If you have any questions, please contact the managing
editor or associate editor in charge of your particular area of


David B. Fogel
Associate Editor


Journal of Biological and Information Processing Sciences

BioSystems encourages experimental, computational, and theoretical
articles that link biology, evolutionary thinking, and the information
processing sciences.  The link areas form a circle that encompasses
the fundamental nature of biological information processing, computational
modeling of complex biological systems, evolutionary models of computation,
the application of biological principles to the design of novel computing
systems, and the use of biomolecular materials to synthesize artificial
systems that capture essential principles of natural biological information

The categories and topics listed below are examples; the editors will be
happy to comment on the relevance of other topics.


Self-organizing and self-replicating systems
Origin and evolution of the genetic mechanism


Molecular recognition
Cellular control
Neuromuscular computing
Biological adaptability
Molecular computing technologies


Stochastic evolutionary algorithms
Evolutionary optimization
Simulation of genetic and ecological systems
Applications (neural nets, machine learning, robotics)

Co-Managing Editors

Alan W. Schwartz, Evolutionary Biology Research Group, University of
Nijmegen, Toernooiveld, 6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands (molecular

Michael Conrad, Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University,
Detroit, Michigan, 48202, USA (biological and biomolecular information
processing, computational and mathematical models)

Associate Editor

David B. Fogel, Natural Selection, Inc., 1591 Calle De Cinco, La Jolla,
California, 92037, USA (evolutionary systems, computational and
mathematical models)

-For most rapid handling, manuscripts are best addressed to the
co-managing or associate editor responsible for the appropriate coverage

Editorial Board

W. Atmar, Las Cruces
A. Babloyantz, Brussels
W. Ebeling, Berlin
L.J. Fogel, San Diego
N. Goel, Detroit
S. Hameroff, Tucson
S.C. Hartman, Boston
H. Hastings, New York
R. Holmquist, Berkeley
F. Hong, Detroit
G.F. Joyce, San Diego
G. Kampis, Budapest
K. Kirby, Dayton
K. Matsuno, Nagaoka
M. Rizki, Dayton
O.E. Rossler, Tubingen
P. Schuster, Vienna
H.-P. Schwefel, Dortmund
A. Sebald, San Diego
Y. Wei, Nanjing
B. Zeigler, Tucson

Elsevier Science Publishers, P.O. Box 1527, 1000 BM Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

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