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"Logic of Cladistics"

Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Sun Jun 12 17:13:23 EST 1994

In article <hoelzer-120694133244 at hoelzer.biology.unr.edu> hoelzer at unr.edu (Dr. Guy Hoelzer) writes:
>In article <Pine.3.89C.9406121023.E358-0100000 at namaste.cc.columbia.edu>,
>jcm19 at COLUMBIA.EDU (Juan Carlos Morales) wrote:
>> I think that a more dangerous thing is when people run all these programs
>> and then select for presentation the one that most pleases their
>> preconceptions.  I rather have them show me all the options and allow me
>> to make my own judgement.  Furthermore, I think that by analysing
>> differences in tree topologies generated with different sets of
>> assumptions one can learn more about the data set.
>> Juan Carlos Morales
>I couldn't agree more.  Thanks for the statement of reason Juan Carlos.
>Guy Hoelzer                                                  
>hoelzer at unr.edu
>Dept. of Biology
>University of Nevada Reno
>Reno, NV  89557

I wrote some direct mail to Juan Carlos agreeing but do not wish to
be misunderstood here either.  

Agreed.  So long as one, in fact, actually adresses the significance of 
any differences found, and the significance of the results obtained 
from the different methods.  
To simply say "Look the cladogram and the distance tree agree" or 
disagree as the case may be is not enough.
One needs to extract meaning in reference to the data set and system and taxonomic
level of perspective.  I mean really get down into the nitty gritty
of it as-it-were.  

So I think we're in agreement here.  My original comment on the problem of
publishing a slew (slue?) of trees from different methods was in relation to
blindly doing so.  

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