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Brian Foley (brianf at med.uvm.edu) wrote:
(on reasons for observed phylogenetic distribution of introns)
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: 	Reviews of this can be found in:
: 		Nature Volume 271 page 501 "Why genes in pieces?" 
: 		by Walter Gilbert 

: 		Science Volume 250, pages 1377 to 1382 "How big is the 
: 		Universe of Exons?" by Robert Dorit, Lloyd Schoenbach
: 		and Walter Gilbert

You should also look at a couple of the following references 
presenting alternative views (IMHO, closer to the truth):

Palmer,J. and J. Logsdon (1991)  The recent origins of introns.
	Curr. Opin. Genet. Devel. 1:470-477.

W.F. Doolittle and A. Stolzfus (1993) Genes in Pieces revisited
	Nature 361:403.

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