Current Mol. evol. data wanted

Graham Alig galig at delphi.com
Tue Mar 8 00:14:46 EST 1994

I am givinga lecture at Coastal Carolina University on the origin
of the DNA mol.  I am presenting three viewpoints the creationist, the
stanley miller (life evolved solely on earth) and the idea that extra-
terrasteral material may have aided evolution on earth.
I have looked at most of the current publication that the database could
find for me.  However it has a three month maybe more lag time.  If
there is any info that you believe might be pertainant to my
lecture that I would have likely over looked given its recencancy
please post it or email me at  galig at delphi.com
Also if there is any other viewpoints that I am not considering please let
me know
Thanks in advance
-graham casanova alig

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