RAPD Users ?

Steve Dobson dobson at mendel.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 9 12:08:18 EST 1994


				I'm thinking of devoting some valuable time to using RAPD techniques to
find molecular markers for a chromosome.  I would greaty appreciate any
imput from people with experience.  


										1)  What parameters (in both preparation of my specimen and
amplification) are most important to obtaining good and consistant results?

	         2)  How many bands can I expect from a single decamer primer?  

          3)  What about combining primers to expedite my search for a
useful marker ?  What is the upper limit of number of primers to begin

          4)  Will I have problems convincing people that my RAPD "marker"
isn't really an artifact ?  What level of consistancy can be reasonably 

Any imput will be greatly appreciated.  Please reply via e-mail to:

                              Steve Dobson
		                      dobson at mendel.berkeley.edu

Thank you very much,


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