Intron Size: Ref's Available??

Louis van de Zande ZANDELPW at biol.rug.nl
Tue Mar 15 03:41:40 EST 1994

>    For plants, a relevant paper was published several years ago by Hanley
> and Schuler (1988.  NAR 16(14): 7159-7156).  I searched the literature on
> Medline and Current Contents last week and came up with a reference by S.
> Mount (on Drosphila if I recall), but I hit on little else.  
> David Harry                       Institute of Forest Genetics

In the same year (1988) a paper by John D. Hawkins was published in 
NAR (Vol 16 pp 9893-9908) on intron and exon lengths. 
Another related paper is by Arques and Michel in the J. theor. Biol., 
143, 307 - 318 (1990).

Louis van de Zande
Dept. Genetics
Univ. Groningen

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