Intron Size: Ref's Available??

Dave Harry deh at s27w007.pswfs.gov
Mon Mar 14 19:01:40 EST 1994

Dear netters,
   My curiosity is been piqued by the recent discussions of intron size,
evolution, location, etc.  But in the course of these discussions, I don't
recall seeing many specific references.  (Apologies to all if indeed they
were posted.)  Specifically, I'd like to locate reviews discussing intron
features (size, sequence, etc) in plants vs animals.  I'm particularly
interested in seed plants vs vertebrates.  
   For plants, a relevant paper was published several years ago by Hanley
and Schuler (1988.  NAR 16(14): 7159-7156).  I searched the literature on
Medline and Current Contents last week and came up with a reference by S.
Mount (on Drosphila if I recall), but I hit on little else.  
   For genes encoding alcohol dehydrogenase, for example, the intron
location and relative size is fairly well conserved in seed plants
(monocots vs. dicots, and also in pine, a gymnosperm).  The coding region
spans a genomic fragment of about 3 kb.  This contrasts to the structure of
ADH from humans, wherein the coding region spans a genomic fragment of
about 13 kb, even though the coding region itself is highly conserved.  
Is this unique to ADH genes (ie long-chain zinc containing variety) in
plants vs humans (or other vertebrates)?  Are there good examples of other
genes showing similar tendencies?  
   Any suggestions for relevant reviews would be welcomed.  Thanks to all.

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