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>>A recent seminar brought up the question of whether there are any examples
>>of polymorphism within a species for the presence/absence of introns.
>>Are there any examples?
>One example is the "mobile" introns in mitochondrial DNA of yeast and
>other fungi, but these are self-splicing, not spliceosomal.

There are also several examples of maize transposable elements behaving as
'new' introns (e.g., see:  1] Weil, C. and Wessler, S. R. 1990. The effects of
plant transposable element insertion on transcription initiation and RNA
processing.  Annu Rev Plant Physiol Plant Mol Biol 41:527-552; 2]  Wessler, S.
R. 1991. The maize transposable Ds1 element is alternatively spliced from exon
sequences. Mol Cell Biol 11:6192-6196).
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