Dominance mechanisms - molecular

Mark D. Garfinkel mg16 at ellis.uchicago.edu
Thu Mar 24 10:59:34 EST 1994

John Logsdon <jlogsdon at bio.indiana.edu>  writes:
>I came across a review article today that may be useful:
>Wilke, AOM (1994) The molecular basis of genetic dominance.  J Med Genet.
>31: 89-98.
>He discusses eight categories of dominance [in molecular terms]

For the historically inclined, Hermann J. Muller (1932, Further
studies on the nature and causes of gene mutations. Int. Congr.
Genet. 6: 213-255) discusses many of these same issues in terms
of a pre-DNA genetic formalism. Muller's coined terms "amorph,"
"hypomorph," "hypermorph," "antimorph," and "neomorph" are still
widely used in Drosophila genetics.

The parallels in the thinking are obvious.

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