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In article <2m58f7$fce at controversy.math.lsa.umich.edu> Doug Eernisse,
Doug_Ee at um.cc.umich.edu writes:
>Can someone help me sort out these possibilities for anything
>known about traits with a simple dominant pattern of inheritance
>as explained at the level of gene expression?

I came across a review article today that may be useful:

Wilke, AOM (1994) The molecular basis of genetic dominance.  J Med Genet.
31: 89-98.

He discusses eight categories of dominance:

"(1) reduced gene dosage, expression, or protein activity
(haploinsufficiency); (2) increased gene dosage; (3) ectopic or
temporally altered mRNA expression; (4) increased or constitutive protein
activity; (5) dominant negative effects; (6) altered structural proteins;
(7) toxic protein alterations and (8) new protein functions."

Happy reading!

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