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In article <012442FWHPJGRHRRAYLB at fornext.com>, Josh Warren asked:

> Would someone please explain to me what herbaceous, monocot, and dicot
> mean?

To learn about plants I'd suggest reading in:

Raven, Peter H., R. F. Evert & S. E. Eichhorn.  1992. Biology of Plants 5th
ed.  Worth Publishers (33 Irving Place, NY NY 10003).

This is the best intro botany text book I know of.  You may find earlier
editions (the first few were written by Raven, Evert & Curtis) which are also
excellent and are completely sufficient to answer the questions above.

Texts intended for "biology" courses usually have very limited coverage of
plants, and most are filled with terrible errors.  Happily, one can trust the
R.E.E book.

The fact that questions like those above get asked shows how inadequate some
intro bio courses and texts are - but it's never too late to learn.

Michael Frohlich

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