Random Cladistics Software NOW AVAILABLE

Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Thu Mar 31 17:56:56 EST 1994

Software for running cladistic randomization routines interactively with 
Hennig86 is available for retrieval by file transfer protocol.

To be able to use the software you must have your own registered copy of 
Hennig86 (Copyright J. S. Farris), it is not provided with my software.

     ftp to "zoo.toronto.edu"
     at the login prompt type "anonymous"
     at the password prompt type your email address
     this will put you in the "/usr/ftp " directory.

     the files you want are located in "/usr/ftp/pub " and are called
        "random.doc" and "random.exe"
     you may read "random.doc" while logged on to our system, it includes
        instructions on transfer and on installation.
     the software is in "random.exe" which is a self-extracting zip file

     type "get /usr/ftp/pub/random.exe" to get the software (and likewise
        for random.doc).

PLEASE:    send me email to tell me you have retrieved it and I will keep
       your name in my distribution list to ensure you are kept abreast
       of new developments, bugs, etc.

RANDOM.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP file that contains the following files:
     rnd.exe          - RANDOM CLADISTICS menu program.
     ptp.exe          - permutation tail probability
     boot.exe         - bootstrapping
     chkboot.exe      - daughter process of boot.exe
     reboot.exe       - for rechecking bootstraps
     lanyon.exe       - a variety of taxon jacknifing routines
     chklan.exe       - daughter process of lanyon.exe
     danran.exe       - phylogenetic covariance (randomized BPA)
     trees.exe        - random tree histograms and g-statistics
     random.txt       - manual on RANDOM CLADISTICS
     hennig.hlp       - user friendly guide on running Hennig86
     leech.hen            * test input Hennig86 formatted file 
     mine2.doc            * test input file for DANRAN.EXE

Mark Siddall             The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance,
Department of Zoology       - it is the _illusion_ of knowledge.
University of Toronto                             D. J. Boorstein
mes at zoo.toronto.edu

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