Thomas Ray -- where published?

Charles V. Phelps phelps at calvin.usc.edu
Mon May 2 13:32:23 EST 1994

growe at mcs.dundee.ac.uk (Glenn Rowe) writes:

>John Sidles (sidles at u.washington.edu) wrote:
>: Dear netfolks

>: At the Institute for Advanced Study, I heard Thomas Ray of the
>: University of Delaware give a wonderfully interesting talk on
>: his computer simulations of evolutionary processes.

>: On consulting INSPEC, I have not been able to find any publications
>: relating to this work.  Nor in our UW library catalog.  Can anyone
>: point me toward a published article?  Or even better, ftp-available
>: code?  I would like to share it with some of the Seattle area 

>The only published article that I am aware of is:

>T.S. Ray, "An approach to the synthesis of life", in "Artificial Life
>II; Proceedings of the workshop on artificial life, held Feb 1990 in
>Santa Fe, New Mexico", editors C.G. Langton, C. Taylor, J.D. Farmer,
>and S. Rasmussen; Published by Addison-Wesley, 1992. ISBN
>0-201-52571-2 (paperback edition).

I found two references to conference papers; however, only the abstracts
were published.  These are:

Ray, T. S., "Artificial life: Ecology and evolution in digital
organisms," 75th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of
America on Perspectives in Ecology: Past, Present, and Future,
Snowbird, Utah, July 29-August 2, 1990.  Published in Bulletin
of the Ecological Society of America, v. 71 (2 suppl.),
1990.  Ray abstract on p. 295-296.

Ray, T. S., "Artificial life: Ecology and evolution in digital
organisms," Fourth International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary
Biology; College Park, MD, July 1-7, 1990, sponsored by University
of Maryland and The Smithsonian Institute, p. 74.

Charles Phelps
Science & Engineering Library
University of Southern California

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