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> >I am taking a course in cladistics and am interested in information con
> >cerning the use of Maximum Parsimony and Distance analyses in the treatment
> >of molecular data.  Any reasons why you would choose one method over the 
> >\
> >other would be greatly appreciated.  
> >
> >Thank you
> >J.L. Burke
> If anyone does have references or ideas, could you please post them?  I
> would also be interested in seeing some references etc. on the subject.

Frank Kolakowski already mentioned one good article by Hillis.  Another by
Huelsenbeck and Hillis is a great comparison of various methods versus
various data sets.  I found the paper cited below some work to get through,
but well worth the effort.

Happy hunting.

Paul Lepp
lepppaul at studentL.msu.edu

J.P. Huelsenbeck and D.M. Hillis. 1993.  Success of phylogenetic methods in
the four-taxon case.  Syst. Biol. 42(3):247-264.

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