Schedule for Gordon Conference on Origin of Life

George Fox george at imb.imb.uh.edu
Mon May 9 17:38:00 EST 1994


Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island
August 21-26, 1994	
David J. Des Marais, Chairman; Gerald F. Joyce, Vice Chairman

This meeting addresses several aspects of origin of life studies, including the
early history and environment of earth, prebiotic chemistry, and the geologic
and molecular biological record of early evolution.  A session on early Mars is
also included!  A single fee ($465., if paid before July 31) covers
registration, room and board for the entire meeting.  To obtain a registration
form please send a request to the Gordon Research Conference Office (tel.:
401-783-4011, FAX: 401-783-3372) or to D. Des Marais (tel. 415-604-3220, FAX:
415-604-1088, email:  david_desmarais at qmgate.arc.nasa.gov).

Monday AM: 	External controls on the early environment;
	S. Chang, discussion leader

J. Cronin 	Organic chemistry of the early solar system: recent 	molecular and
isotopic analyses of meteorites

V. Oberbeck 	Meteorite impacts and the origin and early evolution of life

Y. Zhang 	History of mantle/crust exchange of volatiles

Monday PM: 	RNA World;  G. Joyce, discussion leader

A. Schwartz 	Testing candidates for a pre-RNA world

R. Green 	Defining the minimal requirements for the peptidyl transferase 
reaction of the ribosome

Tuesday AM: 	Iron and sulfur transformations;  H. Holland, discussion leader

G. Wachterhauser The iron-sulfur world in Vitro	

K. Stetter 	Hyperthermophilic communities in deep terrestrial and 	submarine
environments:  the iron-sulfur world in Vivo

D. Canfield 	The early geologic record of iron and sulfur biogeochemistry

Tuesday PM:	The role of phosphate;  D. Canfield, discussion leader

G. Arrhenius 	Phosphate - an early choice

H. Holland 	Marine phosphate and atmospheric O2

Wednesday AM: Mars;  J. Rummel, discussion leader

J. Farmer 	Exopaleontology and the search for a fossil record on Mars

J. Wisdom 	Orbital obliquity history of Mars and Earth

C. McKay 	Earth analogs to past life on Mars

Wednesday PM: Early phylogeny;  A. Knoll, discussion leader

A. Lazcano 	Rooting the tree of life:  what came before the last common 

S. Barns 	Novel Archaeal lineages from a natural microbial population

Thursday AM:	Photosynthesis;  R. Castenholz, discussion leader

B. Pierson 	Physiological ecology and the evolution of diversity among 
	ancient photosynthetic bacteria

R. Blankenship 	Evolution of photosynthetic reaction centers

A. Knoll 	The Precambrian record of photosynthetic organisms

Thursday PM: 	Early biosphere: the rock record;  
	B. Simoneit, discussion leader

D. Lowe 	Life on an early warm (hot?) earth

R. Summons 	Molecular fossils:  the nature and quality of the record 
	in Archean and Proterozoic sediments

Friday AM: 	Prebiotic chemistry: membranes, microenvironments and light
	S. Miller, discussion leader

A. Pohorille 	Structure and functions of the earliest membrane systems:  
	computer simulations

D. Deamer 	Membrane permeability and encapsulated catalysts

P. Braterman 	Photochemistry of iron(II)-containing systems in prebiotic 
	reduction and synthesis

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