human cDNAs that can complement yeast mutants

Hieter Lab Hieter at jhuigf.med.jhu.edu
Mon May 9 15:39:37 EST 1994

I am interested in finding all examples where HUMAN cDNAs can complement
yeast (S. cerevisiae) mutations.  Below are those that I have found so far.
Please write back ASAP with any that you might know of that I missed. 
Please include  references if available.


Stuart T.

YEAST MUTANT                Human gene

cdc9                        DNA ligase I                        
hap2                        human hap2                        
vdac                        HVDAC1 and 2                        
rbp1                        hFKB12                        
srm1/prp20                  RCC1 (rescues ts, not null)                    
pro3                        P5C reductase                        
cdc28                       P34CDC2                        
cdc28                       CDK2                        
cdc28                       CDK3                        
nmt1                        NMT (rescues ts or null)                       

cpr1                        oxidoreductase                        
cim5                        MSS1                        
pfk?                        Phosphofructokinase, muscle                    
cki1                        choline kinase                        
gst1                        GST1-Hs or GSPT1                        
nop1                        fibrillarin                        
rad6                        HHR6A, HHR6B                        
arf1 /arf2                  ARF5 or ARF6                        
gal1                        galactokinase                        
cdc24                       p21rap1A                        
cdc42-1 or cdc24-4          G25K                        
pde1,2                      HCP1                        
ura1                        dihydroorotate dehydrogenase                   
abf2                        MTTF1                        
cdc34                       HUMCDC34H                        
cks1                        CKShs1 or CKShs2                        
smd1                        snRNP D1                        
ade5, 7, or 8               GART                        
cdc8                        dTMP kinase                         
cyc1                        cytochrome c                        
glc3                        HGBE                        
cln1,2,&3                   Cyclin D1/PRAD1/CCND1                        

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