Marc Robinson robinson at evol10.univ-lyon1.fr
Sat May 21 10:49:37 EST 1994

In article 20MAY199400303121 at pavo.concordia.ca, dl_tato at pavo.concordia.ca (DAN THE FUNKY MOOSE MAN) writes:
> 	Hello, I hope U don't mind not having to do with mol. biol. but this
> was the closest group to evolution... unless someone can tell me about another?
> ... anyway can anyone tell me where I can get anything to do with K-T extincton
> and how mammals evolved from it.... also how the early primates evolved into
> modern man?.... if someone has some info on of his/her own or can lead me
> to some.. please re by whatever means ....thanx.
> da MoOsE/Dan
> e-mail: dl_tato at pavo.concordia.ca

you should try sci.bio.evolution

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