the recent advertisement

Matthew J. Brauer mjbrauer at well.sf.ca.us
Wed May 25 14:32:31 EST 1994

mattweed at edith.Princeton.EDU (Matthew Weed) writes:

>I suggest that you send email to the person who posted 
>the recent thigh cream ad, and also send to postmaster 
>at his machine.  His address is:keogh at anshar.shadow.net

>send also to: postmaster at anshar.shadow.net.
>Both addresses work, at least I haven't gotten any bounced
>mail since my response two days ago.

>"It may not be true, as Lincoln Supposed, that you can't fool all of the
>people all of the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large
>country."  Will and Ariel Durant: _The Lessons of History_ 1969. 
>mattweed at edith.princeton.edu	MPA candidate/WWS:95, (609)258-8236

Actually, this might no longer be a good idea. This joker (so I heard)
included a .forward file in his home directory, sending all mail to an
innocent user.

Apparently his account has been pulled already.

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