HELP:Document about in vitro selection

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Wed Nov 2 06:38:54 EST 1994

Dear Daisuke,

I just published:

Gordon, R. (1994). Evolution escapes rugged fitness landscapes by gene or
genome doubling: the blessing of higher dimensionality. Computers &
Chemistry  18(3), 325-332.

which includes some discussion on quasiviruses. Send me your address if it's
not in your library.

Best regards, -Dick Gordon[Nov2,94]

On 1 Nov 1994, Daisuke Kga wrote:

> Hi! I'm a graduate student and study an RNA by in vitro selection.
> I have searched documents about in vitro selection, but I have missed.
> Please tell me documents about in vitro selection.
> I want a message from anyone who has interest about in vitro selection.

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