DNA from RNA

Sreyas Srinivasan ssaf+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Nov 8 12:04:44 EST 1994

Dear readers,

    I'm new to this b-board (and have only scraped the surface of this
topic) so bear this in mind (and forgive me for my transgressions).

    I am interested in a theory regarding the origins of DNA from an RNA
precursor. Specifically, I'm wondering how such an experiment can be
recreated in an undergraduate biochemistry laboratory starting from a
single strand of RNA. Upto this point I have done little research on
this topic and am looking for a general procedure outline or a protocol
of some sort. I would also greatly appreciate any background/theoretical
information on this theory (is it just a theory?).

                                                    Sreyas Srinivasan

PS- I'm currently an undergraduate (senior) at Carnegie-Mellon in
Pittsburgh and am asking with regard to my final lab project for this


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