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Fri Nov 18 16:16:32 EST 1994

Submissions for INBS will be accepted through the end of December.


            C A L L        for      P A P E R S

          First International IEEE Symposium on  


          May 29-31,1995, Washington DC Area, USA
            (Hyatt Hotel, Dulles Airport, VA)
           Sponsored by: IEEE Computer Society; 

In Cooperating with: AAAS Society; AAAI Society; SMC Society

AIMS and SCOPE of the Symposium

The Intelligence in Artificial Neural Networks and the Computational 
evolution of the Biological Systems are two very important and very 
active research areas, which offer and promise many practical 
applications to scientists and other professionals in industry 
and goverment as well. In response to this demand, the INBS 
Symposium offers a theoretical and a practical medium for the 
evolutionary and the intelligence processes in both artificial and 
biological systems and the interaction between these fields.

Some Topics 

. EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING (DNA sequence processing, Genome Processes,  
  DNA, Topologies, Synthesis of DNA, Formal Linguistic of DNA, 
  Structure/Function Correlation,   Computational Genetics)
. BIOTECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS (Mapping the Genome, Human Genome,      
  Molecular Computing, Limitations of Biological Models)
. GENETIC ALGORITHMS (Clustering, Optimization, Searching, Programming, etc)
. LANGUAGES UNDERSTANDING (Natural Languages, NL Translation, 
  Text Abstraction, Computational Linguistics)
. LEARNING AND PERCEPTION (Supervised, Unsupervised, Hybrid, 
  Understanding, Planning, Interpretation)
. NEUROSCIENCE (Adaptive Control Models, Fuzzy & Probabilistic Models, 
  Hybrid Models, Dynamic Neural and Neurocomputing Models, 
  Self-Organized Models)


A.Apostolico, Europe;  S.Arikawa, Japan; S.Hameroff, USA

PROGRAM COMMITTEE                      Local Arrangement/Publicity Committee
N.Bourbakis, BU-SUNY,USA, Chair        Cynthia Shapiro
R.Brause, UG,Germany                   Sukarno Mertoguno
K.DeJong, GMU,USA                      James Gattiker
J.Shavlik, UWM,USA                     Ali Moghaddamzadeh
C.Koutsougeras, TU,USA
H.Kitano, JAPAN                                
M.Perlin, CMU,USA                      Publication Registration Committee
H.Pattee, BU,USA                       D.I. Kavraki
D.Schaffer, Philips Lab,USA                     
D.Searls, UPA,USA                               
J.Collado-Vides, UNAM
T.Yokomori, UEC,Japan
S.Rasmussen, Los Alamos,NL
G.Paun, Roumania
A.Restivo, U.Palermo,Italy
M.Chrochmore, U.Paris, France
D.Perrin, U.Paris, France
R.Reynolds, WSU,USA
M.Conrad, WSU,USA
M.Kameyama, TU,Japan
J.Nikolis, UP,Greece
T.Head, BU, USA, Vice Chair
C.Benham, MS,USA
R.VanBuskirk, BU-SUNY,USA
E.Dietrich, BU-SUNY,USA
S.Koslow, NIH,USA
M.Huerta, NIH,USA
B.Punch, MSU,USA

Authors are requested to submit four copies (in English) of 
their typed complete manuscript (25 pages max), or an 
extended summary (5-10 pages max) by Nov. 30,1994, to 
N. G. Bourbakis, Binghamton University,T.J.Watson School,
AAAI Lab, Binghamton NY 13902, Tel: 607-777-2165, 607-771-4033; 
Fax:607-777-4822, E-mail : Bourbaki at BingSuns.CC.Binghamton.edu, 
or INBS at Bingsuns.CC.Binghamton.edu.
Each manuscript submitted to INBS must indicate the most relevant 
areas and include the complete address of at least one of the 
authors. Notification of acceptance, Jan. 31,1995. Final
copies of the papers accepted by INBS due March 21 ,1995.

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