Genetic Engineering Symposium

Saturn Family, John Bailey BAILEYJ at DICKINSON.EDU
Mon Nov 21 17:07:27 EST 1994

  Hello!  I am currently working on a symposium which will be discussing 
various topics of genetic engineering.  We would like to focus on the ethical 
issues surrounding such procedures as genetic engineering babies to be a 
certain sex or other physical characteristics.    
  The ethical issues surrounding this seem to be a hot topic as of late.  We 
would like to explore these issues on our Symposium.  To do so, I would 
appreciate anyone helping me with the folloing questions:

  (1)  Can you suggest the names of some speakers who would be advocates for 
       these type of procedures?  They must be able to address a general 
       audience that has limited scientific background.
  (2)  Would anyone know of how we could get in touch with the author, 
       Michael Crichton, who wrote several genetic engineering books 
       including _Jurassic Park_, _The Adromeda Strain_ and _Terminal Man_?

  (3)  The center putting on this program is the Clarke Center at Dickinson
       College which is a new center designed to examine contemporary problems 
       from an interdisciplinary perspective. If you would be interested in 
       receiving information about this upcoming symposium, send me your 
       address and I'll be sure you get information on it.

   If you have any other advice or suggestions as to where I could look for 
information or if you have any suggestions for any other speakers, please feel 
free to contact me.  Thank you!
	--John Bailey

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