how related are hamsters/mice,rats

Keith Robison robison at nucleus.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 22 13:26:57 EST 1994

Katja Fechteler (kfecht at scan) wrote:
: Hi netters, my question is , which species is more related to
: hamsters: mice, rats or humans. I have to use an antibody against the
: protein PDI (protein disulphid isomerase). It is not cloned from
: hamsters, and antibodies are available only from mice, rats or human.
: Please send replies to my personal email
: adress:kfecht at scan.genetik.uni-koeln.de. 
: Thanks a lot for your help. Katja

A quick BLAST search with the mouse PDI (SwissProt:PDI_MOUSE)
suggests that all mammalian PDI are at least 91% identical (or so.
Hence, any polyclonal serum against one mammalian PDI is likely to
recognize the rest.  

Hamsters are rodents, but I don't know offhand the resolution of
the rat-mouse-hamster trichotomy.  

Good luck!

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