how related are ((mouse,rat)hamster)

Tue Nov 22 17:37:45 EST 1994

Katja Fechteler (kfecht at scan) wrote:
: Hi netters, my question is , which species is more related to
: hamsters: mice, rats or humans. I have to use an antibody against the
: protein PDI (protein disulphid isomerase). It is not cloned from
: hamsters, and antibodies are available only from mice, rats or human.
: Please send replies to my personal email
: adress:kfecht at scan.genetik.uni-koeln.de. 
: Thanks a lot for your help. Katja

Rat/mouse ca. 10-20 Myr
Mouse or rat/hamster ca. 30-60 Myr
hamster,mouse,rat/human ca. 80-120 Myr

In molecular terms, rat may be a little closer than mouse is to 
hamster because mouse is suspected of having developed an increased
divergence rate.  I doubt if the difference would be noticable with
Ab binding.
A polyclonal serum has a very good chance of working from either mouse
or rat, and a reasonable chance of working from human.  Monoclonals
would be a crap-shoot.

Steve Hardies, Dept. of Biochemistry, Univ. of Texas HSC at San Antonio
Hardies at thorin.uthscsa.edu

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