Graduate Fellowships Available

Joseph J. Schall jschall at moose.uvm.edu
Mon Nov 28 18:06:47 EST 1994

Graduate Research Fellowships - Department of Biology, University of 

These NSF-funded fellowships are available for students pursuing the 
BEHAVIOR.  Students must use molecular techniques AS PART of their 
research effort, AND/OR study some area of parasite-host ecology and 
evolution.  Each student will take a series of methods courses in 
molecular techniques in our NSF-funded Molecular Ecology and Evolution 

Funding will include five years of support for each student with 
$14,000/year stipend, all tuition paid, plus some funds for research 
activities.  The fellows will be expected to teach a total of one or two 
semesters during their five years of graduate study, but otherwise will 
have full-time to devote to studies and research.

Potential faculty sponsors include:  Lori Stevens (population genetics 
and genetics of parasites and their hosts); Charles Goodnight (genetics 
of small populations; conservation genetics); Wm. Kilpatrick (molecular 
systematics); Joseph Schall (parasite-host ecology of malaria); Jan Conn 
(molecular systematics of malaria vectors); Alison Brody (plant-animal 
interactions); Nickolas Gotelli (community ecology; parasite-mediated 
changes in host behavior); Bernd Heinrich (insect thermoregulation; 
foraging biology).

Women and members of ethnic groups not well represented in evolutionary 
biology are especially encouraged to apply.  Fellowships are available 
ONLY to US citizens or PERMANENT residents.  Noncitizens can be awarded 
Teaching Fellowships to cover their graduate studies.

For application materials send mail to Dr. Jos. J. Schall, Department of 
Biology, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405, or e-mail to 
jschall at moose.uvm.edu

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