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Rand. Cladistics (etc...) in resp. to Re: NEW SOFTWARE

Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Mon Sep 19 18:33:05 EST 1994

In article <1994Sep19.173240.207564 at uctvax.uct.ac.za> harley at uctvax.uct.ac.za writes:
>> At Hennig XIII in Copenhagen, Farris presented "RNA" (Rapid Nucleotide
>>Do you haveet Analysis)
>I presume you have to get this direct from Farris ?

No.  As I posted earlier, you may get this from Diana Lipscomb (BIODL@
gwuvm.gwu.edu) or from Arnold Kluge at the Dept. Zool., Univ. Michigan,
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109.  Please write them for details.

>Mark - how do you distribute your humble package - random Cladt(?)istics ? I

By anonymous ftp to zoo.toronto.edu in directory "pub" file "random.exe"
(transfer in binary mode) and file "random.doc" (installation instr. transfer
in text mode).

It decompresses when you type random at the DOS prompt.  PTP.EXE portion
is bugged big time but is falling way out of favour anyway unless you do
Farris' correction which mine didn't.  You can't run it without having
your own registered copy of Hennig86 (c.f. Lipscomb or Kluge). 

>would be interested in a copy - would you like to swop for my latest version
>of SEvoNA, which either imports or generates 'DNA' sequences and allows them

Sure... mine's free though.

>distant outgroups etc. And what was your opinion on the objectivity of the
>participants ? At the previous meeting I attended this was not greatly in
>evidence !

If you mean do they tend toward rigor and defensibility?  Yes. But then 
I try to as well.  The debate surrounding "total evidence" was particularly
a) heated, b) informative and c) refreshing!


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