Geoff Swinney gswinney at nmscot.demon.co.uk
Mon Apr 3 08:06:34 EST 1995

Help. I need advice on the use of the fishing NET.

I want to get beneath the surf, into the realm of fish.

I am an ichthyologist who curates the collections of the
National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh and I have just
got access to the super-highway') I need guidance. How do
I join your fish discussion group, how do I best use the NET
to capture fishy information, what resources can I access via
the net, how do I find out what is available, how do I trawl
the NET?  I would  be grateful for any help or guidance. 

My particular research interest is in midwater fishes of
deep ocean, and I work particularly on the fauna of the
N. E. Atlantic and Indian Ocean, although my interests 
extend to fish in general.

As curator of the National Museum's collections I am happy
to answer enquiries about our collections and research facilities.  

Geoff Swinney,

Curator of Lower Vertebrates, 
NationalMuseums of Scotland,
Chambers Street,
Edinburgh EH1 1JF
email: gswinney at nmscot.demon.co.uk 

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