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> From:          richard at milton.win-uk.net (Richard Milton)
> Subject:       Re: spiked article
> In article <3lghfv$ffm at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, Wolfgang Wuster (bss166 at clss1.bangor.ac.uk) writes:
> >On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Richard Milton wrote:
> >> In article <9503292308.AA14532 at spider.ento.csiro.au>,
> >>  Thomas Boyce (thomasb at SPIDER.ENTO.CSIRO.AU) writes:

...and so on - 

> >> >If I were the editor of a biological journal, I
> >> >would have rejected the article as misinformed and naive - perhaps more for
> >> >what it leaves out rather than what little is in it.
> >
> >I would have failed it as a first year undergraduate essay.
> Given your unreflecting, authoritarian aversion to open
> debate on subjects that you consider not to be "sound", then
> I would not employ you to teach first year students.

This is getting silly. Such personal attacks really have no place in 
this newsgroup.  Go private with them, please.

> >>  I'm afraid I haven't made myself sufficiently clear on this
> >> point.  Dawkins has not made any attempt to reply to any
> >> of the points in the article.  As far as I know, he has
> >> not even seen the article. he has simply written to the
> >> editor of THES falsely alleging that I am a secret
> >> creationist. It was following this allegation that the
> >> article was rejected. 

Is there ANY proof of this?  Can we hear from the Editor of THES?  
Or Dawkins, please?  If not, then we only have your word for it, and 
you are not exactly impartial in this regard!

> Whether you are irritated or not by rational discourse is
> not a matter that merits discussion.  If I have undermined
> neo-Darwinism (and I sincerely hope that I have) it is
> because the scientific facts are on my side. 

Anyone who gets the size of genomes wrong by MANY orders of magnitude 
is definitely not in command of the facts.  You make the point that 
neo-Darwinism (whatever that is) has become an ideology rather than a 
science, and you certainly attack it using an ideological rather than 
a scientific base.  Don't be surprised, then, if scientists shoot you 

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