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On 4 Apr 1995, Wolfgang Wuster wrote:

> No great harm by itself, agreed. Just yet another addition to the steady,
> eroding trickle of nonsense which undermines public confidence in 
> science, and yet another piece of ignorance that has to be discussed just 
> to try and convince Joe Public that evolution does have foundations in 
> fact, despite the attempts of some to denigrate it for personal or 
> political reasons. 

Hey, has anybody read _How the Leopard Changed its Spots_ by Brian
Goodwin? He points out how far neo-Darwinism has drifted from Darwin, and
reminds us that there are several scientific objections to a strict
interpretation of neo-Darwinism, such as the fact that there are animals
that have heritable traits that are not encoded in the genome, such as the
melon-stripe variant of paramecium.  Goodwin reminds us that the organism
is a unity, in principle irreducible.  To the extent that neo-Darwinism
does this reduction, it throws away important levels of organisation. 
For example, processes of self-organisation can occur at the level of the
organism that have a large effect on selection independent of "survival of
the fittest," such as the oscillatory dynamics of several predator-prey

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