Bootstrap method in maize diversity analyses

Jon Popi jpopi at uoguelph.ca
Wed Apr 5 07:32:44 EST 1995

     I would like to evaluate the diversity existing within and among 
sixteen maize populations by using RAPD analyses.  What is puzzling me is 
the number of plants that should be analyzed per population (of course, I 
would like to analyze the smallest number of plants that would provide 
reliable results).
     In order to find this out, I have run RAPD analyses with ten primers 
on 100 plants from one of the populations, and I would like to apply the 
bootstrap procedure to find the standard error for samples of different 
     Does anybody know of a computer program that would perform all three 
steps of the Monte Carlo algorithm for the bootstrap procedure (i.e. the 
sampling, computation of the distances and the calculation of the 
standard error)?
     Thank you very much in advance!

	Jon Popi
	Crop Science Department
	University of Guelph
	Guelph, Ontario

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