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Thu Apr 6 08:00:48 EST 1995

In article: <kalmloff.15.005C7988 at sky.net>  kalmloff at sky.net (Kevin Almloff) 
> Could someone please recomend  a couple good books on evolution.  I need 
to give a persuasive speech (Pro evelution) in mid-May and need to do 
some research.
Ignoring the obvious volume by a certain C.Darwin I would agree with the 
other recommendations already posted.  However, as you are looking (I trust) 
to write an interesting speech may I additionally recommend some of Stephen 
Jay Gould's books.  Gould is an evolutionary biologists, palaeontologist and 
intelectual par excellence and his books are full of good threory and great 
anecdotes!  Particularly noteworthy publications are:

-  Bully for Brontosaurous (general essays on evolutionary biology).
-  Wonderful Life (the story of the Burgess Shales).
-  Three Little Piggies (more general essays). 

Hope this is of use


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