Which books?

Bill Pearson wrp at reed0.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Apr 6 17:56:49 EST 1995

Two books that I have found useful are:

T. M. Berra (1990) Evolution and the Myth of Creationism, 
	Stanford U. Press ISBN 0-8047-1770-2

L. R. Godfrey (ed) (1983) Scientists Confront Creationism
	W.W. Norton ISBN 0-393-30154-0

The latter book is a compilation of 15 essays by various scientists
and other academics.  It is more technical, but worth the extra effort
I think.  There is an excellent paper by Russ Doolittle on Probability
and the Origin of Life, by Tom Jukes on Molecular Evidence for
Evolution, and by S. J.  Gould on Darwinism.  Although it is older, it
is very thoughtfully done and I recommend it highly.

Bill Pearson

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