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> Kevin Almloff (kalmloff at sky.net) wrote:
> : Could someone please recomend  a couple good books on evolution.  I need to 
> : give a persuasive speech (Pro evelution) in mid-May and need to do some 
> : research.
> : Thanks,
> :        Kevin
> Try a book called evolution by Ridley (Matt I think) or Evolution : a
> biological and geological perspective by the OU course team ed. by Peter
> Skelton or Paleobiology: a synthesis  DEG Briggs and PR Crowther (eds).
> Enjoy
> PG

Also a book called "The Diversity of Life" by E O Wilson (I think)
(available in Penguin), gives an excellently 
clear explanation, combining Evolution and Biodiversity issues, and
highlighting the significance of Biodiversity.

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