Genetic Drift vs. Mutations

Xuhua Xia xxia1 at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu
Thu Apr 13 21:18:34 EST 1995

Martijn A. Huynen (mah at primer.lanl.gov) wrote:
: Hi,

: I've been struggling with a question on population-genetics, and
: I very much doubt that I am the first one to run into this question.

: Does anyone know how the expected frequency of a specific nucleotide
: (or allele), and the  distribution of this expected frequency
:  depend on the mutation frequency in a case of neutral evolution.
: Kimura describes the change in
: the frequency-distribution in absence of mutations, but this (of course)
: allways goes to fixation. I need a formula that both includes mutations
: and genetic drift.

Almost any book on neutral theory has some equations with both
mutation and genetic drift, and the expected allelic frequency in
N subdivided populations. If you don't want to read Kimura, there 
is a good introductary chapter in J. Roughgarden's 1979 book that
deals the issue. It includes some explanation on diffusion equations.


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