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alex taylor ataylor at superior.carleton.ca
Mon Apr 17 14:03:35 EST 1995

In article <134311Z16041995 at anon.penet.fi>,
Poor Richard <an175779 at anon.penet.fi> wrote:
>Poor Richard has been writing on many of these newsgroups on the subject
>of the lack of ethics in Science.  Poor Richard believes there are no
>ethics in Science.  Poor Richard thinks that Scientists are no better
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          More like poor taste. If the poster does not have the basic
courtesy to refrain from this kind of childishness on the net, the
least he could do is provide his name and email address so that he can
be responded to without cluttering the newsgroup with this kind of
trash -- the last thing I need to read is a snarky lecture on some
rather basic behavioural biology, especially from an anonymous poster
who doesn't have the courage to attach his/her name to what they have

Alex Taylor
ataylor at ccs.carleton.ca

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