Comparing protein families evolution

Alexandr Spirov spirov at ief.spb.su
Tue Apr 18 11:07:50 EST 1995

          Dear Colleagues:
     I need ideas and opinions concerning
following subject. Now we have, in genebanks,
vast families of diverse genes/proteins.
As to me, transcription regulators (homeobox,
Zn-finger proteins, steroid-like receptors etc)
are the most familiar.
     My question is: What can we learn (with
evolutionary point of view) comparing sequence
changes in phylogenetic tree of one family
with another? (Say, comparing Antp-like homeobox
family with Msh or Paired or Engrailed family).
     All my favorite proteins have super-
conservative domains participating in DNA and
peptide recognition and essentially less
conservative parts.
     One more question: What software
could I use for such kind of comparison of
rates of sequences evolution?
     Best regards,
               Alexander Spirov.

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