Program for tree comparison

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Thu Apr 20 12:18:06 EST 1995

In article <Pine.OSF.3.91.950420081847.10168A-100000 at pioneer.nevada.edu>,
Margaret Novack <novackm at NEVADA.EDU> wrote:
>I think the "natural" method of input is one file with all the trees for 
>which the consensus is to be computed.
>My .02

Well, the question is how to do it when we have one tree, and a bunch of
others, and want to get distance measures between them.  Or pairs of trees
(produced, say, by two different methods) and want to measure distances
between the members of each pair.  You are right that one natural method
is a single file of trees, but we want to do something in these other cases

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