Humans slow mutation rate (Science)

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Fri Apr 21 19:26:03 EST 1995

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Mark Siddall <mes at zoo.toronto.edu> wrote:
>I often wish Zuckerlandl and Pauling never wrote that paper.
>There is no clock. Independent lineages (post cladogenesis) are just that

No, I doubt they are _that_ independent.  Do you mean to claim that the
biology of (say) two sibling species of sparrow are sufficiently
different (their mutational repair systems, for example) that they evolve
at _totally_ independent rates?  That in the triple (song sparrow,
chipping sparrow, oak tree) that the first two are not more similar in
rate of molecular evolution?   I suspect that clocks are useful, if not
perfect, any time you get down near the species level.

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