Program for tree comparison

Roderic D. M. Page rod.page at zoology.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Apr 25 09:26:47 EST 1995

Given the recent discussion of tree comparison methods, readers might be 
interested in the following software:

Since 1993 The Natural History Musuem in London has been distributing 
my program COMPONENT, which features a range of tree comparison methods, 
including partitions, triplets, quartets, nearest neighbor interchanges, and 
agreement subtrees. The program reads NEXUS, PHYLIP and Hennig86 tree 
files (among others) and runs under Windows 3.0. It handles both rooted and 
unrooted trees, and also allows the user to select subsets of trees for 
comparison. It comes with a printed manual and online help. Other features 
include consensus trees, random trees, reconciled trees, and more.

For more information on the program see Joe Slowinski's review in Cladistics 
9: 351-353 [1993]. Information on ordering the program (it costs 40 pounds, 
about $US 60) can be obtained from the same issue of Cladistics (pp. 354-355) 
or direct from me.

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