Description of Newick tree data format?

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Wed Apr 26 17:52:17 EST 1995

In article <3nm1fh$hop at acmew.gatech.edu>,
Shelly Hayes <gt8623b at prism.gatech.edu> wrote:
>I am looking for the newick format file description.  The newick format
>is used by the RDP Database project as seen in WWW http://geta.life.uiuc.
>I have already searched our library online database and everywhere that
>seemed reasonable in the RDP Database WWW document.

Um, that's because I am this very day working on the paper that, after a mere
10 years, will finally describe the format!  The committee that drew it up
will, with one exception, be the authors of the paper.

You will find an informal description in documentation of my PHYLIP package,
in file DRAW.DOC.  That only describes a subset of it.  There are also
descriptions in the MacClade and (I think) PAUP documentation.

BTW, we need to decide what to call this standard.  Leading candidates
are "New Hampshire standard" and "Newick's standard", the latter being the
lobster restaurant in Dover, NH, where the committee had its final session.
I prefer the former but would be happy to hear from anyone by e-mail as to
which they think is best.

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