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info wanted on man a

Ed Haynes ed.haynes at grape.net
Fri Aug 25 18:54:00 EST 1995

A cheerful Paul told ALL on 08-21-95 02:16 

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PL>Dear Mr. Lester,

PL>There is no such thing as a man-ape hybrid.  A hybrid is a cross betwee
PL>two different individuals within a species (eg white & red flowering pe
PL>plants).  By definition, two species are not capable of interbreeding,
PL>therefore there is no man-ape hybrid.  If there were man-ape hybrids, m
PL>& apes would be considered to be of the same species.

PL>Interesting..... what about mules? They are crosses between different s
PL>(i.e.l horse and donkey) which are of course infertile. I also seem to
PL>remember reading in the literature about crosses between different spec
PL>of Drosophila.... 

PL>Are these creatures hybrids?



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