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Steve LaBonne and Mitochondrial genetic codes

S. LaBonne labonnes at csc.albany.edu
Mon Aug 28 12:23:07 EST 1995

In article <41shjc$28f at decaxp.harvard.edu>,
Keith Robison <robison at lipid.harvard.edu> wrote:

>I don't know of the timing, but the phylogeny is quite sound.  rRNA
>analysis places the mitochondria in amongst the purple ("gram negative")
>bacteria.  Among the purples, mitochondria seem to be the _only_
>species with altered genetic codes.  Similarly, all of the other
>known deviations from the canonical genetic code are one little
>tip of the tree.  Hence, we must conclude that these are late
>events, and the best explanation is that a codon fell into disuse
>(either through drift in a small genome or codon usage selection),
>allowing a switch to another usage (which is what Jukes currently

Your comments, Hubert?  By the way, I originally posted simply to _echo_
Keith's presentation of this argument; which in turn derives, as Keith
notes, from Jukes.  So don't try to pretend that this is just some
idiosyncratic idea that _I_ made up.  The phylogenetic evidence
summarized above tells very strongly against your theory, whether you
like it or not.  Tough luck;  many pretty theories have come to grief
when confronted with empirical evidence.  That process is called "science."

Opinions are mine alone; I never met a university with opionions!
Steve LaBonne ********************* (labonnes at cnsunix.albany.edu)
"It can never be satisfied, the mind, never."   - Wallace Stevens

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