evolutionary time line of cell subunits

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Mon Dec 4 11:59:13 EST 1995

Hi, I have question about the evolutionary time line of cell units.  I
know that evolutionarty time lines of whole organisms have been
commpleted.  However, has any one ever completed a time line of a cell
subunit that has gone through some drastic changes from one organism to
the next organism.  The subunit I have in mind is the G-trimeric subunit
proteins ( ie ras).

Any information would be helpful, as I am thinking of doing this for a
senior research project to complete my B.S. in molecular biology.  I am
already fully aware that I would have to use anova statistical methods to
compare this set of proteins to a non-changing subunit such as
mitochondrial proteins/structures to get an accurate esitmation of when
the change in g-trimeeric proteins occurred and etc.

Fred Grott
undergraduate in molecular biology
Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis
fagrott at indyvax.iupui.edu

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